Keep your data centre running efficiently with a scheduled Chiller deep clean. Utilising the latest dust extraction and low pressure, high temperature cleaning equipment we will remove all debris, and clean down the coils, replace or clean filters if required. Tree sap, insect matter, leaves and general detritus will all be removed. These deposits can reduce coil efficiently significantly. Poor heat transfer results in high operating pressures reducing compressor life expectancy and increasing system running costs.

Increased fan performance needed to compensate for dirty coils also adds to system running costs, excessive component wear and could lead to mission critical cooling systems being unavailable when needed the most Рduring periods of high ambient.

Our service engineers will provide a service log of cleaning undertaken, photographic record of the chiller prior and post clean with any notes of areas that will require special attention in future.

We have also developed an edge protection system which can be retrofitted to your chiller during our initial coil cleaning visit. This system complies with working at high health and safety requirements and allows for simpler and easier to manage ongoing service activity. Fan replacements and activity on the top of the chiller can be undertaken without the need for additional scaffold or access equipment thus reducing planning and co-ordination activities and increasing the opportunities of 1st time fix.

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