Bund Walls

Bund Walls are a requirement to comply with OFTEC regulations for oil and fuel storage. Compact bund designs can be achieved using high walls, however, for firefighting and ease of access the wall height should be limited to 1500 mm.  It should be noted that for ease of maintenance the minimum tank to wall distance should be 750 mm.  Some regulators will require that jetting failure be also taken into consideration.

Bund Construction

We normally construct our Bunds from Reinforced Mass Concrete, and these can be built onto existing slabs. The accepted design standards for masonry bunds include BS8007 and CIRIA163 but some regulators may prefer one standard over the other.


For sites in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland the legal requirements are listed in PPG2. Design guidance can be found in CIRIA 163 and BS8007.

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